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Dud Bucket *please read description*

Dud Bucket *please read description*

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Quality control is very important to us and with that being said there is candy that doesn't pass my "inspection" after processing and end up in what I am calling a dud bucket.

They mainly consist of the 3 different kinds of skittles (regular, sour and wildberry). Some containers may have all three flavors, some may only have two of the flavors, it does vary. Some may also have a little bit of the nerd bites/dust from nerd bites too. Just depends on the day honestly for what's in them.

As for the "quality" in the dud buckets, it is mainly candy that doesn't fit the quality (or look) I prefer to provide our customers in our retail bags. Some are just too over inflated for packaging, some have what I refer to as "tails" which processed but just didn't process typically, and there are some that didn't process correctly or at all (some are off consistency wise and some just stayed a regular skittle all together). So for the most part the typical crunch is still there in most of the pieces, it just didn't pass for what I like to put in our bags as quality freeze dried candy.

So therefore I am putting the dud buckets out there at a major discount for the customers that don't mind their freeze dried candy being a little imperfect. 😂

Bucket measures approximately 6.5"x4.5" and are all pretty much filled all the way to the lid.

Listing is for one "dud bucket".

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